MCIR Tips 


Duplicate Records

MCIR Region-2 merges over 20,000 duplicates every year. Many times this work is more challenging because we don’t know which record to keep.

When you mark duplicate records, please send an email to the Help Desk or your MCIR Coordinator telling us which record is correct. (Our contact info is at the bottom of the MCIR News Screen). Watch this 38 second video to become more familiar with the process.

(Don't forget the shortcuts of double-clicking and copy/pasting the MCIR ID so you don't have to retype it in the Email. Ask your MCIR Coordinator about this, and other shortcuts that can save you a lot of time and reduce typing mistakes.)

MCIR Release Highlights

We've added a new feature to your Region-2 website. We now have MCIR Release Highlights available on-demand. If you wish to see what happened during a release (update) to MCIR, open that month's file.
Just click Home on the menu above and scroll down just past the county information section. You'll see the link "MCIR Release Highlights".
Let us know if you have any questions

Raising Your Immunization Rates

MCIR's method for protecting more people and raising your immunization rates is using Reminder/Recall.

Your MCIR Program coordinator has some other methods that can help you save time and money using different reports. Contact them for help with this. Look at the bottom of the MCIR News Screen for their contact info, or click on Contact Us on this website.

Preventing HL7 Duplicate Records

If you are going to enter a different patient name in your EHR than is in MCIR, please utilize the Alias name fields. This will go a very long way in reducing the number of duplicate records created.

If you have questions about this process, please contact your MCIR Coordinator (info located at the bottom of this News Screen) or our Help Desk.

Thank you very much for your help and cooperation in this endeavour.

Adding useful information to the R2 Website

You know about our Region-2 website and should be fairly familiar with all the resources on it (phone numbers, Email addresses, tip sheets, training videos, FAQs, etc.) But, did you know you can make requests to add new information to it to benefit all site visitors?

Simply go to the website and click on Email the webmaster in the upper-right corner to send your request. The Region-2 MCIR Team will discuss and if it is county-specific, we'll add the link to your county page. If it is something that will benefit all visitors, we'll add it to one of the main pages and post the announcement here.

Replace LWB Easy Tip Sheet

Region-2 has developed a tip sheet to help replace LW (Lost/Wasted) doses in MCIR. You should be able to find the link on your county page, but if not, here is the direct link.

Pull MCIR Records - Every Time!

All MCIR sites (especially HL7 sites), be sure to pull MCIR records for EVERY patient, updating address/phone number, checking status and other information, AND adding the Alias First Name and/or Last Name if it is different than the names you'll put in your EHR.

Please contact your MCIR Program Coordinator if you have questions about these, and other items we cover in MCIR training. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this News Screen.


Michigan VIS'

The easiest way to get to the latest/greatest VIS is right in MCIR. Under "Other", click VIS and you'll go directly to the MDHSS page for all VIS's. And there are numerous languages also. Simply click Ctrl-F (Windows Find) - [Command-F on a Mac] and type in the language you prefer. Remember, you must give the English version, as we know they are up-to-date.

MCIR Wildcard

Do you know about the MCIR "wildcard"? Most do. It can be used multiple ways to aid you in your MCIR searches.

However, there is one way that works 100% of the time, so why would you use any other method :-).

Watch this 1:39 (1 minute, 39 second) training video to learn the "proper" way to use this most important search tool.

This training video also covers search rules (like 1994 to present), the EBC (Electronic Birth Certificate) / MCIR relationship, and proper first names. Enjoy.

Easy MCIR Schedule

1) Daily check your HTR
2) Weekly reconcile your inventories
3) Monthly balance/reports

1) Checking your HTR daily (for previous business day's date) helps you comply with certain requirements like the 72-hour law for the under-20-year-old group, among other things.

2) Weekly reconciliation of both your inventories is your imms cross-check in case information didn't get to MCIR via HL7. If your inventory is off, start with patient records, then move to inventory transactions.

3) Monthly balancing/reports to your Health Department. Be sure to run the Ending Inventory Report first and use the dates at the top to run your Doses Admin Report. Then add your temp logs for that same date range. (And don't forget to create a Return/Wastage report.)

If you have questions about any of this, please contact your MCIR Coordinator listed at the bottom of this News Screen. We can help you understand the benefits to following this easy MCIR schedule.

Shipping Hours on your Eorder form

When you do your Eordering, be sure to set your shipping hours to match your schedule. I.e., if you will be closed next Friday, be sure to uncheck Friday so McKesson knows they cannot deliver that day.

Also, be sure the Shipping Hours give some time to deal with any problems with the shipment (temperature, counts, data in MCIR, etc.). So, if you like to leave at 4pm, don't have 4pm as the time McKesson can deliver up to, just in case.

If you have questions about any of this, please contact your MCIR Coordinator. Their contact information can be found at the bottom of this News Screen.

VFC Resource Guide

We have added the VFC Resource Guide to this website on the Clinical Resources page.

The link will be on the left-hand side almost all the way down, or you could use the trusty Ctrl-F combo and search for VFC. Currently there is only one VFC listing on that page.


Streamlined process to set up MCIR training for your new people (or refresher training)

Since the MCIR Coordinators currently cannot travel to your facility, this process spells out the steps to get your new people trained in MCIR.

1) Please go to our Region-2 website ( and click on Training Resources.
2) Open the Pre-Training Checklist and have your new people watch all the MCIR basics videos (required) and any other job-specific primer training videos.
3) Contact your county MCIR Coordinator (contact information is on the News Screen or on our Contact Us page on this website) to set up a customized webinar training.
If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact your MCIR Coordinator or our Help Desk. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the MCIR News Screen or on this website.