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St. Joseph

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Clinical Resources

Staff Education

AIM Toolkit

QI (IQIP) Information

Aids to translating foreign immunization records
   * Email the National Immunization Program

Archived ACIP Recommendations

BMI Information

CDC Vaccines and Immunizations Training and CE Offerings

CDC Web Site - 800.CDC.INFO

County Immunization Report Card

Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

EZIZ Training

Immunization Action Coalition Web Site

Immunization Schedules (State website)

Medical Contraindication Form

Minimum Interval Table

National Guide to Seasonal Flu for Seniors

Quick Looks

Perinatal Hep B Information

Pink Book Webinar Series

Refrigerator Log (F)

Refrigerator Log (C)

Report Medication Errors

Standing Orders For Commonly Used Vaccines

VFC Resource Guide

VIS Documents
(Also located in MCIR, under Other, VIS)

Parent Education

Parent's Pack

Reliable Sources of Immunization Information: Find Answers!

Guide to Vaccine Contraindications and Precautions

IAC Images

Teen/Adolescent Education

Michigan Adolescent Web Site

Adolescent Immunization Toolkit

Race and Ethnicity

How to document Race and Ethnicity in a MCIR record

How to view Race and Ethnicity in a MCIR record

HL7 Resources

HL7 Resources
(Also located in MCIR, under Other,, HL7)

Barcode Resources

2D Barcode Information

Vaccine Inventory Module (VIM)

VIM User Reference Guide
VIM Tip Sheet - Manage Inventory
VIM Tip Sheet - Adding Imms (Refusals, Titers, History)
VIM Tip Sheet - Replacing Borrowed Doses
Balancing Inventory - Providers
Balancing Inventory - Hospital Pharmacies
Add New Lots to Inventory
Add Transactions to Lots
2D Barcode Information
Generate the "Vaccines Administered" Report
eOrdering Guide for Providers
eOrdering Guide for Hospital Pharmacy HepB
Ending Inventory Report Definers
HL7 Resources


Petition For Modification (P4M) - Patient Information Correction
Petition For Modification (P4M) - Immunization Correction
MCIR Immunizing Provider Site Agreement
MCIR Read Only Site Agreement
MCIR Dispensing Pharmacy Site Agreement
Refusal to Vaccinate - Child
Refusal to Vaccinate - Adult

Training Resources

Manuals & Tip Sheets

- - My MCIR Account - -
     MCIR Registration - Step 1
     MCIR Registration - Step 2
     Change your MCIR password
     Use Multiple MCIR Sites

- - Find Records - -
     Wildcard Search
     Create a Batch Report
     How to use a Patient Roster

- - HL7 Resources - -
     HL7 Resources on

- - AFIX (now Quality Improvement - or QI) - -
     Child Report Tips
     Adols Report Tips

- - VFC - -
     Return/Waste Report

- - Update Records - -
     VIM Tip Sheet (Adding Imms - Refusals, Titers, History)
     Vaccines/Mfr/Brand Cheat Sheet
     Update Patient Address

- - Reports - -
     Patient Status - Grid
     Create Profile Report
     Create Doses Admin Report
     Create Batch Report

- - Reminder/Recall Information - -
     MCIR Recall Manual
     Point Of Contact (POC) Rules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Pre-Training Checklist

Training Video Primers
ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
   (video includes closed captions)

     (ADA) ... News Screen
     (ADA) ... R2 Website
     (ADA) ... Wildcard Search
     (ADA) ... MCIR Records
     (ADA) ... Print a MCIR Record
     (ADA) ... Add Imms Data
     (ADA) ... Edit Imms
     (ADA) ... Handy Shortcuts

- - COVID-19 - -
     (ADA) ... Wildcard Search for COVID-19
     (ADA) ... Immunization Data Entry
     (ADA) ... Correct COVID-19 Expiration Date
     (ADA) ... Document COVID-19 Breakage
     (ADA) ... Document COVID-19 Drawn Not Used
     (ADA) ... Document Historical COVID-19 Dose
     (ADA) ... Vaccines Administered Report
     (ADA) ... How to order COVID-19 Vaccine
     (ADA) ... Document Historical COVID-19 Dose
     (ADA) ... Gen. the Outbreak Return/Waste Report
     (ADA) ... Redistribution 1 (Distributing Site)
     (ADA) ... Redistribution 2 (Receiving Site)
     (ADA) ... Add COVID Lots

- - HL7 - -
     (ADA) ... Generate the HL7 Transfer (HTR) Report
     (ADA) ... HTR Explained
     (ADA) ... HTR Tip Sheet Explained
     (ADA) ... HTR Troubleshooting
     (ADA) ... HL7 Data Flow

     (ADA) ... Types of MCIR Inventory
     (ADA) ... Adding VIM Lots
     (ADA) ... Adding Lot Transactions
     (ADA) ... Inactivate/Reactivate Lots
     (ADA) ... Balancing Inv. for Provider Sites
     (ADA) ... Balancing Inv. for Hospital Pharmacies
     (ADA) ... Set/Remove Default Lot
     (ADA) ... Generate the No Inventory Vaccine Report
     (ADA) ... Eligibilities Effects on Inventory
     (ADA) ... Inventory Transaction Histry by Lot #
     (ADA) ... Soon To Expire Lots
     (ADA) ... Generate the Return/Waste Report
     (ADA) ... Gen. the Physical Inventory Report (PIR)
     (ADA) ... Gen. the Ending Inventory Report (EIR)
     (ADA) ... EIR Explanation
     (ADA) ... Gen. the Doses Admin. Report (DAR)
     (ADA) ... Considerations before balancing any inventory
     (ADA) ... Replace Lost or Wasted VFC Doses in MCIR

- - eORDERING in MCIR - -
     (ADA) ... VFC Provider
     (ADA) ... Hospital Pharmacy
     (ADA) ... Outbreak Provider COVID-19

     (ADA) ... Add Race/Ethnicity to a MCIR record
     (ADA) ... View Race/Ethnicity in a MCIR record

- - REPORTS - -
     (ADA) ... Physical Inventory Report (PIR)
     (ADA) ... Ending Inventory Report (EIR)
     (ADA) ... EIR Explanation
     (ADA) ... Doses Admin Report (DAR)
     (ADA) ... HL7 Transfer (HTR) Report
     (ADA) ... Profile Report
     (ADA) ... No Inventory Vaccine Report
     (ADA) ... Provider Return/Waste Report
     (ADA) ... Vaccine Lot Recall Information Report
     (ADA) ... Inventory Transaction History by Lot #
     (ADA) ... Gen. the Outbreak Return/Waste Report
     (ADA) ... Gen. the COVID-19 Vac. Admin. Report
     (ADA) ... QI Report Descriptions
     (ADA) ... Generate and Retrieve the Reminder/Recall Report

     (ADA) ... QI Report Descriptions and Use

     (ADA) ... Deduplicating MCIR Records
     (ADA) ... Raise Your Rates
     (ADA) ... Mark a MCIR record as deceased
     (ADA) ... Update your MILogin Account

     (ADA) ... Add a New MCIR User
     (ADA) ... Add a Current MCIR User
     (ADA) ... Remove a MCIR User
     (ADA) ... Edit a MCIR User Name
     (ADA) ... Edit a MCIR Users' Role
     (ADA) ... Find a User's MCIR PIN
     (ADA) ... Add a new eOrder Contact
     (ADA) ... Edit an eOrder Contact
     (ADA) ... Remove an eOrder Contact
     (ADA) ... Find your MCIR Site ID
     (ADA) ... How to edit your Site information
     (ADA) ... How to add or edit Site Contacts
     (ADA) ... Edit your site Shipping Hours
     (ADA) ... Edit your site Shipping Contact
     (ADA) ... Edit your site Shipping Address
     (ADA) ... Edit your site's Business Hours
     (ADA) ... Find your MCIR Site Expiration Date
     (ADA) ... Add Storage Units
     (ADA) ... How to edit Storage Units
     (ADA) ... Change Your Site Preferences
     (ADA) ... Activate New Inventory
     (ADA) ... How to locate your site's VXU (HL7) PIN
     (ADA) ... How to locate your site's Facility Type
     (ADA) ... MCIR Site Renewal
     (ADA) ... VFC Staff Turnover Procedure

     (ADA) ... Change Your User Preferences
     (ADA) ... Using Multiple Sites
     (ADA) ... Correct Patient Name
     (ADA) ... Remove POC for a MCIR Record
     (ADA) ... VIS (Vaccine Information Statements)
     (ADA) ... VIS Facts
     (ADA) ... What is MCIR?
     (ADA) ... Forgot your MCIR Login ID?
     (ADA) ... Forgot your MCIR Password?
     (ADA) ... What the Live-Live Rule is in MCIR.
     (ADA) ... How to fill out the Patient Information P4M.
     (ADA) ... Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)
     (ADA) ... Body Mass Index (BMI) Information For Parents
     (ADA) ... IVEN in MCIR
     (ADA) ... Point Of Contact (POC) Rules
     (ADA) ... MCIR Acronym Glossary
     (ADA) ... Add a No Inventory Immunization
     (ADA) ... Add 2 Doses on the Same Day