Branch, Hillsdale, St. Joseph 

Community Health Agency

2019 Provider Meetings

Branch - TBD
Hillsdale - 10/22
St. Joseph - 10/23

(St Joe Secretaries Meetings 9/11)

11:00am - 1:00pm
At the Local Health Department

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Replace Lost/Wastage Tip Sheet

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Hillsdale Pediatric Clinic receives the Certificate Of Achievement for their high immunization rates

Health Department Contacts
Branch County PPOC
David Fowler
P 517.279.9561 x0105#

Hillsdale County PPOC
Michael French RN, BSN
P 517.964.0081

St. Joseph County PPOC
Aimmee Mullendore
P 269.273.2161 x0241#

MCIR Contacts
MCIR Coordinator
Lee Brazie
CNA, A+, MOS, Webmaster
P 269.373.5194

MCIR Region-2 Help Desk
Rosemarie Patrick
P 888.217.3901
3299 Gull Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49074

MDHHS Contact
MDHHS Immunization Field Representative
Barbara Day
P 313.378.4533