Calhoun County Information 

Public Health Department

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Thank you to all our Provider offices for protecting Calhoun County citizens from vaccine preventable diseases!

Recognition to the following offices for full coverage immunization rates in their patients:

Children age 24-36 months up-to-date on their immunizations:
Dr. David Byrens
Historic Family Physicians
Dr. Thomas Neidlinger

Adolescents age 13-18 years up-to-date on their immunizations:
OMG-Beadle Lake
Grace Health

2019 User Group Meetings

Meetings are held from 8:30am to 12 noon at the Health Department in the basement

Sponsored by:
Calhoun County Health Department


Lunch will be provided. If you are attending you must RSVP.

Health Department Contacts
Vivian Holdcraft, PPOC
P 269.969.6378

MCIR Contacts
MCIR Program Coordinator
Lee Brazie
CNA, A+, MOS, Webmaster
P 269.373.5194 F 269.373.5079

MCIR Region-2 Help Desk
Rosemarie Patrick
P 888.217.3901
3299 Gull Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49074

MDHHS Contact
MDHHS Immunization Field Representative
Barbara Day
P 313.378.4533